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Useful tips for fixing a faulty internet connection

Internet is for creating convenience in life, not to create troublesome headaches. It can be frustrating if you lose internet connection when you need it most. You could call up your Internet service provider but they provide little help over phone and if they send repair person then it would be a charged services.

Why to wait for someone else to come and provide you a solution when you can fix it by yourself. Try following solution to fix your faulty internet connection.

Determine the problem is with your computer or network:
If devices other than your PC connected with the same network are able to access internet, then problem lies with your Computer. You should check for the internet settings of your PC to get access to internet. If no other device can connect to internet then problem resides in your network hardware or network configuration.

Try opening different website or program:
There can be chances that the website you looking for is down for certain reasons or the program you are using may have server problem on its end. Try opening some other website or program over internet to see if you can connect. If possible try opening websites in some other browser as there might be problem in settings of the browser you are using currently.

Restart your PC:
Restarting PC can be solution to fix majority of PC issues. It is the easiest way to configure all the PC settings. A simple restart can clear out bad issues causing connectivity issues. There may be a chances that nothing happen by doing this.

Reset network hardware:
If your network connection suddenly goes off then there may be fault in your network hardware and restarting / unplugging them can be helpful in restoring network connection. For this, unplug your router and modem cables, wait for some time and again plug them in. Wait till they get complete power supply then try loading web pages.

Boost your Wi-Fi signals:
If you experience problem with signals than it usually means there is issue with interference and distance of your Wi-Fi. There are various things which you can do to resolve this problem and get signals back.

Perform virus and malware scan as there may be certain malicious code hindering the ability of your pc to access internet. Virus can be tricky to get rid from, your computer would be much secure if you perform scan once in 15 days.


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