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Connecting 2 computers with Ethernet cables

Want to share files and other data with another computer. Most common and simplest way adopted for this is connecting 2 computers with the help of cables. Regular Ethernet cables can’t be used for such purpose as it requires category 5, or CAT 5, or later crossover cable to execute such operation.

Crossover cables look identical to straight-through cables, but have several wire pairs reversed at one end, so make sure you get the correct cable. Here are the steps for connecting 2 computers with Ethernet cables for Windows.

Step 1: Plug Ethernet cable
Plug one end of Ethernet cable into an Ethernet network port in one PC and repeat the same procedure for another computer by connecting it through another end of the cable. The connecting LEDs on both network card should flash green.

Step 2: Log into one of the computer
Go on to one of the computer and click on the ‘Start’ menu. Type ‘Network and Sharing Center’ in the search bar. Click on ‘Network and Sharing Center’ as soon it appears in the search results.

Step 3: Select multiple networks or unidentified network
Select and open the icon named “Unidentified network” from the network map at the top of the Network and Sharing Center window. This icon may display as “Multiple networks” if you have more than one network. For Window 8, click on change advanced sharing settings situated left side of the list.

Step 4: Turn on network discovery and file sharing
Click on the message that prompts you to change the network discovery and file sharing settings, then click on the option “Turn on network discovery and file sharing”.

Step 5: Provide with ‘Administrator’s Password’
Type administrator password for the computer if prompted to do so and press Enter after doing it. By doing this both computer would be displayed in Network and Sharing center window. This would enable you to make changes in both the computer at same time.

Now you are all set to use your both PC at same time. You can access files by double clicking the icon of the computer which you want to work with. Always check the type of cable you require for your system to get connected to other. For more information and detail about the cable you can contact to cable manufacturer.


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